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05 July 2011 @ 07:50 pm
 yosh !

i'm going to do the 15 days of JE boys to fill in my time wisely..heee~

in other word, balancing my fangirling and my studies ? hmm..

who is your favorite Johnny's idol ?

p/s : OVER seventh days sales is 261 015 ! yatta ! *throws confetti*

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26 June 2011 @ 02:02 pm
 ho yeah ! 

no more using college wi-fi ! i've my own already but i'm sharing it with my friend..well, the cost~

i can online freely but i've to limit myself..

i got my result about few days before ? seriously, my grade is not that good compares to the previous one..but, i'm grateful enough because you get what you deserve, right ?

okay, i'm repenting...T_T

lots of things going on for the first week of the 2nd semester...obviously, the subjects is killing me ! methodology, phonology, blaa.....

AND they chose me as a netball secretary !! omg ! i've never been one and i know it is hard ! i don't like to do letters, paperworks and so on..

hell, i got to do the paperwork for netball coaching course..just thinking about it make me headache !
right now, i'm still patiently waiting my 'OVER' LE1 to arrive..iya,,lots of videos are spreading though !

brace yourself, mye ! just seeing the online PV makes me excited ! kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~
on the side notes, currently, i'm flailing over youngmin, kwangmin and min woo from boyfriend ! how cute can they be ?
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18 June 2011 @ 06:17 pm
 okay, YanYan JUMP today quite boring...really...

there's a new segment called Showa JUMP...haha ! back to the history, I reckon ? HeiSei to Showa ? 

the only thing that make me laugh is when seeing yabuhika trying hard to guess the answer ! especially hika !

AND the showa peoples dominate, of course..lol..

next is pressure 10..as usual, they failed because of jesse this time..

sadly, hika's not in the livestage..if not, it will be complete... (busy with ikemen desu ne..;p )
seeing hika in ousama no brunch makes me happy, yo ! his laugh...whoa...
even when tano shingo was speaking, my eyes stick to hika beside him..heeee...
ouch ! can't wait, huh...
after seeing their cm and promotion of the drama all over the place, i really become excited !
not to forget, watching umareru just to see the sneak preview of ikemen..crazy mode already...
today's the last day of my holiday...T_T
sayonara !
p/s : college mode hesitating....

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16 June 2011 @ 10:48 pm
 OMG !

why ? hika, you're sooooooooo ikemen !! if ANJell releases a single ? how good is that ? huhu, but kiss-my-ft2 will have their debut single ne...

this pic ! make me flail ever !

ikemen hika

argh !! *nosebleed~

on the other news, the cast for hanakimi have been revealed..

nakamura aoi as sano & miura shohei as nakatsu...

BUT hika totally stole the spotlight since they sang over in music station, blonde..

yappari, he's my ichiban after all ! enough, mye~
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