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14 August 2011 @ 12:52 am
 finally, i got some time to write here..

with lots of excitement here and there, my mind is mixed with lots of works..being in university is tough if you can't handle it properly, yo !

finally, kis-my-ft2 have debuted..the same day as yutorin's birthday~

i love everybody go ! it's ikemen desu ne influence though..and tama-chan is super hot in the drama !

i'm flailing over him already ! heeheee~

MAGICPOWER! i'm buying both LE1 and LE2 !! i just can't decide which one to choose, so i buy it two..

oh well, my money...IF there is SUMMARY DVD, i'll definitely buy it ! *got to save some again..*

i know i'm being random, but sato shori steals our attention lately ne..he's really cute ne..

maa,,JUMPers, keep the faith !

p/s : i'll check my LJ sometimes for an update, yo ! *i'm such a fan* ;)

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