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22 July 2011 @ 05:18 pm
what's up !  
 hello there !

seriously, i'm in the middle of assignment now..the time have come..haha !

i've watched ikemen desu ne and zenkai girl, yo ! 


-i've watched the 2 episodes and it's really sugoiii !
-super love it !
-the love comedy always make me giggle and both gakky and ryo-chan did well..
-it doesn't matter if there are the critics out there since the storyline is really interesting !
-watching ryo-papa here is really different from the inu iu wa koto drama..
-i'm rooting for this drama ! the best in this summer ! >_< 


-the first episode is super long and i love it !
-watched it two times, yo ! first, in keyhole and with the eng subs in dramacrazy.. ;)
-my eyes really stick at hika more ! he's my ichiban afterall..
-even though it's a remake, it's slightly different because it have some sort of charity concert, etc..
-kojiharu is really beautiful and mio shocked face..lol~
still remember that i've once told that i want to watch hanakimi 2011 too ?
sorry to say, i hate it when only a-chan is the best there..same plotline..T_T
it'll be really good if they make a new drama for a-chan..that's a pity..FLYING GET is good too..
*yabu's new look is different and errr,,,more kakkoi ? yeah, he is !
ah ! my 15 days of JE boys are not over yet..it's in my other blog ne~
click on the image to go~it'll be updated by time.. 

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