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14 October 2013 @ 02:15 pm
i have been missing for quite some time huh? it's 2013 already.
currently, i have been using my other blog the most.
that explained why my LJ have been left out..

i am still a hardcore jpop fans, watching new dramas every season and all.
even though i won't post something here regularly, i am catching up!
jaaa, mata ne!
31 July 2012 @ 05:12 pm
hi there!

this is totally outcast by me.obviously, i'm so into twitter nowadays.
when the thoughts came, i just happened to have other important things to do.
i rarely opened the journal and my life is all about studies.
i have my own priority, but i'll try to catch up with the j-drama sometimes.

heeee, there is sprout right? it is totally cool with chii in it..
yosh, i'll speak out my mind here more later on!

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14 August 2011 @ 12:52 am
 finally, i got some time to write here..

with lots of excitement here and there, my mind is mixed with lots of works..being in university is tough if you can't handle it properly, yo !

finally, kis-my-ft2 have debuted..the same day as yutorin's birthday~

i love everybody go ! it's ikemen desu ne influence though..and tama-chan is super hot in the drama !

i'm flailing over him already ! heeheee~

MAGICPOWER! i'm buying both LE1 and LE2 !! i just can't decide which one to choose, so i buy it two..

oh well, my money...IF there is SUMMARY DVD, i'll definitely buy it ! *got to save some again..*

i know i'm being random, but sato shori steals our attention lately ne..he's really cute ne..

maa,,JUMPers, keep the faith !

p/s : i'll check my LJ sometimes for an update, yo ! *i'm such a fan* ;)

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22 July 2011 @ 05:18 pm
 hello there !

seriously, i'm in the middle of assignment now..the time have come..haha !

i've watched ikemen desu ne and zenkai girl, yo ! 


-i've watched the 2 episodes and it's really sugoiii !
-super love it !
-the love comedy always make me giggle and both gakky and ryo-chan did well..
-it doesn't matter if there are the critics out there since the storyline is really interesting !
-watching ryo-papa here is really different from the inu iu wa koto drama..
-i'm rooting for this drama ! the best in this summer ! >_< 


-the first episode is super long and i love it !
-watched it two times, yo ! first, in keyhole and with the eng subs in dramacrazy.. ;)
-my eyes really stick at hika more ! he's my ichiban afterall..
-even though it's a remake, it's slightly different because it have some sort of charity concert, etc..
-kojiharu is really beautiful and mio shocked face..lol~
still remember that i've once told that i want to watch hanakimi 2011 too ?
sorry to say, i hate it when only a-chan is the best there..same plotline..T_T
it'll be really good if they make a new drama for a-chan..that's a pity..FLYING GET is good too..
*yabu's new look is different and errr,,,more kakkoi ? yeah, he is !
ah ! my 15 days of JE boys are not over yet..it's in my other blog ne~
click on the image to go~it'll be updated by time.. 

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